Vegan Food Consumption

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Vegan Food Consumption Surveys

There are several scientific surveys studying food consumption of vegans.  Two of them stand out for their relevance and methodology:

  • The EPIC-Oxford survey : following the daily diets of 65 500 adult persons (including 18,900 vegans) over 2 years (Key & Al – 2006, Health Effect of Vegetarian and Vegan Diets)
  • The Peter Clarys et. al. (Free University of Brussels and EVA – Ethical Vegetarian Alternative) in 2012 with a panel of 1,475 people (Vegans and Omnivorous)

Oxford Epic : daily consumption per type (abstract)

Oxford Epic vegan study


University Bruxelles Daily Consumption

Univ Bruxelles vegan study

Based upon these two scientific surveys, it was observed for the vegan consumers (vs the omnivore consumers)

  • A higher HEI – Healthy Eating Index- (explanation:
  • A higher fiber consumption
  • A lower Protein intake. Averaging sufficient amount to cover the basic adult requirement. However, approximately 1/3 of the vegan consumers had a lower intake than the recommendation. This proportion may be higher for seniors and people with certain health conditions.
  • A significant deficit in Vitamin B12
  • Average intakes of Calcium lower than the nearly 1 gram/day (European) recommended daily amount. 
  • The Iron paradox : Vegans have higher intakes of iron than omnivores. However, due to the low absorption of iron (only 10% of intake on average), this level is not an indicator of satisfactory iron levels in the body.