1. Why Argalys Essentials?

    Vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian are neither diets nor fads.
    They are ideologies and lifestyles.

    We understand the importance of the following to you:

    • Health & Nutrition
    • Animal protection
    • Environment
    • Social justice
    • Plant-based
    • Ethical business

    Sustainability, also a key factor, focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social—also known informally as profits, planet, and people.

    The Argalys Essentials product line is crafted to fit right in with your lifestyle.  It's as naturally unique as you!

  2. What's so unique about the ecotube?

    The ecotube is a plant-based container that does not contain petrochemicals (e.g. plastics) and is BPA-free.  It's bio-based and biodegradable, sustainable and produced with zero waste and renewable energy!

    The lid is made from corn starch and wheat starch and is 100% recyclable and compostable (compliant with European Standard EN13432).

    It features a "shaker" top, in that you gently shake the container to dispense a capsule, unlike conventional bottles which spill their contents out.  In addition, it is more hygienic since fingers are not able to be poked inside the ecotube. 

    The container is 100% unbleached Kraft paper (e.g. cardboard).

    And it's reusable - limited only by your imagination!

    Vegan dietary supplements sold in plastic bottles?  REALLY?!
  3. Is ecotube safe?

    The ecotube is made entirely from natural materials, is recyclable and compostable!.

    The container is tamper-resistant by way of its unique design.  Should the tab be depressed or missing, or the container compromised, do NOT use the product and return it immediately to where it was purchased.

    The products are for adults and must be kept out of reach of children.

  4. How do I open it?

    It's quite simply, actually. 

    1. Using your thumb or fingertip, depress the tab imprinted with "PRESS" to open the container.  It is not necessary to remove the tab.
    2. Gently shake the container to dispense a capsule.
    3. To Close, place your thumb or fingertip in the slider and slide it forward over the open tab.
    4. To Open, place your thumb or fingertip in the slider and slide it back to reveal the open tab.


    1. Do not exert downward pressure as that will make the slider more difficult to move. 
    2. Move the slider back and forth several times to make it easier to slide.


  5. What's the deal with the slider?

    The ecotube is composed of 100% natural materials.  The top is made solely from corn and wheat starch.  It does not contain the additives, lubricants and chemicals of conventional plastic containers and bottles. 

    The shaker top with slider is designed to dispense 1 capsule at a time, making it hygienically superior to conventional bottles, bags, and jars.

    You can delight in the knowledge that you have purchased a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to the plastic bottles that litter our planet.

  6. How may the ecotube be reused?


    • Paper clip dispenser
    • Coin bank
    • Spice jar
    • Travel coffee bean jar
    • Pen & pencil cup
    • Garden seed holder
    • Planter

    Let us know what use you come up with!

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