aRgalys Immune Plus

by in Dietary Supplements, Health & Wellness April 24, 2020

aRgalys Immune Plus!

aRgalys Immune Plus is a combination of adaptogenic plants and essential oils.  It is designed to help the body react to external stresses, with a novel combination of 3 plants and two essential oils known for their adaptogenic properties, thus supporting the body’s non-specific state of resistance.

These adaptogenic plants (according to the definition established by Dr. Breckhman in 1969) have the following properties.

  • Do not disrupt physiological functions
  • Increase the non-specific resistance of the organism (person) to external aggressions
  • Exert a general normalizing action (substantially equivalent effects from one individual to another)

The Adaptogenic Effect increases the body’s response to external aggression, whether caused by an infectious agent or otherwise, by increasing/stimulating its natural response capacities.  It increases the body’s chances of reacting appropriately.

Immune Booster is formulated to achieve a real efficiency from ‘organic grown’ plants known to have adaptogenic properties, and also with maximum safety, taking into account the latest precautions issued by the French Food Safety Agency ANSES on April 17, 2020 (recommending not to use plants with a possible detrimental effect such as Cat Claw or Echinacea in case of COVID-19 infection ).The result is a synthesis of natural, effective enhancers that are unique in the market.


Acerola Organic in Vitamin C

Acerola is a fruit very rich in Vitamin C (ascorbic L-ascorbic acid) and the titration of the extract makes it possible to provide a precise and known amount. Vitamin C is very much involved in the general adaptation reactions to stress of all forms, including viral origin.


Astragalus root is widely used in Chinese Medicine for its immunostimulant and tonic properties. Some anti-viral properties against respiratory diseases have been reproduced by in vitro studies (contribution to the multiplication of B cells, etc.). Scientific studies are unfortunately few and do not allow to be precise on its biological mechanisms of action. As is often the case, it is the observations of practitioners and patients that validate the properties of the plant. Astragalus is also currently being studied for its anti-aging properties, in particular via an action on the maintenance of telomeres, which may open up other interesting perspectives.

Ginseng (Panax) is a ‘star’ of phytotherapy and its energizing and stimulating virtues are universally recognized.

Grapefruit Essential Oil is renowned for its energizing and stimulating properties.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is frequently used to help with respiratory discomfort through its expectorant, decongestant, and antitussive properties.