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Experts Recommend Ban on Phthalates in Plastics

in Dietary Supplements, Eco / Environment, Food, Health & Wellness, Health Tips February 21, 2021

Synthetic chemicals called phthalates are damaging children’s brain development and therefore must be immediately banned from consumer products, according to a group of scientists and health professionals from Project TENDR, (Targeting Environmental Neuro-Development Risks), a group of scientists, health professionals, and child advocates working to study and reduce children’s exposure to neurotoxic chemicals and pollutants. “We have enough […]

The Different Forms of Vitamin B12

in Dietary Supplements, Health Tips February 7, 2020

In nature, Vitamin B12 is almost exclusively produced by bacteria: about ten different strains have this capacity. Herbivorous animals have developed a symbiotic relationship with these bacteria, which explains why their tissues contain B12. Carnivorous animals get vitamin B12 by eating the meat of herbivorous animals. Vitamin B12 plays a key role in growth and […]

Gut Flora: Prebiotics & Probiotics

in Dietary Supplements, Health Tips February 7, 2020

Wikipedia: ‘A prebiotic is a non-digestible ingredient that has beneficial health effects by selectively stimulating the growth or activity of a specific bacterium (or a small bacterial population) of the intestine. According to the WHO / FAO, a probiotic “is a living microorganism that, when ingested in sufficient quantity, produces beneficial effects on the health […]

Vegetarian Society Approved!

in Dietary Supplements, Health Tips February 7, 2020

Created in England more than 170 years ago (c. 1847), The Vegetarian Society is a dynamic and respected institution for the promotion of the vegan life style and philosophy . Stella & Paul McCartney are some of the more well-known “ambassadors” of the Association Among its various activities, the Vegetarian Society was the first to […]

Vegan Food Consumption

in Dietary Supplements, Food, Health Tips February 7, 2020

Vegan Food Consumption Surveys There are several scientific surveys studying food consumption of vegans.  Two of them stand out for their relevance and methodology: The EPIC-Oxford survey : following the daily diets of 65 500 adult persons (including 18,900 vegans) over 2 years (Key & Al – 2006, Health Effect of Vegetarian and Vegan Diets) […]