Experts Recommend Ban on Phthalates in Plastics

in Dietary Supplements, Eco / Environment, Food, Health & Wellness, Health Tips February 21, 2021

Synthetic chemicals called phthalates are damaging children’s brain development and therefore must be immediately banned from consumer products, according to a group of scientists and health professionals from Project TENDR, (Targeting Environmental Neuro-Development Risks), a group of scientists, health professionals, and child advocates working to study and reduce children’s exposure to neurotoxic chemicals and pollutants. “We have enough […]

Vegan Food Consumption

in Dietary Supplements, Food, Health Tips February 7, 2020

Vegan Food Consumption Surveys There are several scientific surveys studying food consumption of vegans.  Two of them stand out for their relevance and methodology: The EPIC-Oxford survey : following the daily diets of 65 500 adult persons (including 18,900 vegans) over 2 years (Key & Al – 2006, Health Effect of Vegetarian and Vegan Diets) […]